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Multimode and Single-mode Optical Fiber

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Technology brings us unlimited knowing how to use tools that can make our work more productive and efficient. With over 30 years of experience our engineers will help you find the best solutions for your business.


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About us

With more than 30 years of professional experience, we have acquired multiple certifications in brands and products to offer you solutions that can increase significantly the performance of your company

Our staff is constantly trained to offer you the most advanced and efficient technology at a lower cost.  

We develop solutions to solve your company problems driving the results to meet your main objectives. This is called network architecture.  

At Bridge Solutions our passion is to create network architecture for small, medium and large companies.  

From access point to switch to a single-mode fiber optic network or computing center, our specialist have the solution for you. 


Client Reviews

We were looking for a video solution to monitor the compressors area, Bridge Solutions provided a video surveillance system with smoke detection (Smoke Catcher) and fire alerts to protect the area
— Fernando Jasso, LINDE
Bridge Solutions offered integrated systems to take better advantage of the acquired equipment
— Adolfo Ruiz, SHEQ, LINDE
Their interest in understanding our needs in depth allowed us to design a better solutions
— Ali Balza, Proyect Director, LINDE


Structured Cabling Systems

Fiber optic networks

Wireless networking

Voice over IP Solutions

CCTV Video Surveillance

● Datacenters



Tecnological Infraestructure

● Information Security

Online Information

Easy and centralized management

Technological integration

● Recognition of mobile equipment and user location




● Axis

● Araani

● Optronics

● Panduit

● Rittal

● Intel


● Milestone

● Ideal Industries Networks



● Channels

            - Pipelines

            - Channels

            - Records

● Cabinets

● Racks

● Wiring

            - UTP

            - Multimode Fiber Optic

            - Single-mode Fiber Optic

● Switches

● Routers

● Access Point

● Transceivers




● Preventive

        - Monthly maintenance policy

        - Annual maintenance policy

● Corrective

        - Fiber Optic repair

        - Repair and replacement of equipment

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